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    Source - RESTV2 connection pagination

    VENKATA VIJAYA MOHAN Akunuri New Member

      Hi, I am trying to extract data from SuccessFactor's Odata API which uses the basic authentication. I am able to connect to the source system and was able to extract data but I always get 1000 records when I run the job but the actual count of records in the source was 400K records. I believe that the source's pagination defaults to 1000 per page is the reason whey it fetching us only 1000 records all time. I tried with below Advance Settings in Source which is connected to RESTV2 to enable the source pagination and iterate through all the pages.

      Paging Type  = Page

      Start Page = 1

      Page Increment Factor = 1


      With the above setting, I was able to run the job successfully but that returned 0 records. I am not sure of what missing here. Appreciate any help in getting this resolved.

      Source Advance setting to enable source pagination