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    How to create an assortment based on a search query

    Swathi Nair Seasoned Veteran

      I am trying to create a dynamic assortment based on a search query. This assortment will be used in an export profile that will be running on delta export on a weekly basis.

      I might need to modify the assortment based on requirement without stopping the execution of the export profile.

      I tried creating a search query with multiple conditions and saving it in name en_US_OEM as shown below .


      After that I right clicked and noted the query into an assortment. However when I open the assortment under management, the underlying search query is seen as a generic one and not as en_US_OEM.

      PFB screenshot.

      How to make the assortment reflect the search query name, so that when future modifications are needed, I need to modify the underlying search query rather than deleting and creating a new assortment.




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          Daniel Walter Guru

          Hi Swathi,


          to have the search name reflected in the queries please do the following steps:


          1. Create a search and save the search

          2. Execute it and open the query menu

          3. Add to an assortment



          That being said, it does not mean that all futer updates of the search will update the assortment. It is just a hint which assortment was used initially.

          To update it you still need to remove this condition (not the whole assortment!) again, and re-add it with steps 2 & 3.




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