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    Show unassigned media assets in PIM

    Kaemingk Support Active Member

      Hi all,


      Is there any way in PIM to check which media assets in the media manager (HMM) have not yet been assigned to an article in PIM?

      Preferred solution would be a something in the dashboard of the PIM web client.


      For example, there are 100 images in the MAM system, and of these 100 images, only 80 are actually assigned to an article. Somehow we need to see that 20 images are not yet assigned to an article.


      Please, also let me know in case this is NOT possible.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Ralph Wittig Guru

          Hi Timothy,


          there is no Standard Option or Button or view in PIM which can solve it.


          The only thing which already exists is a standard Service which is called when a Image is deleted in MAM. The Service will ask if the Image is still in use and if so he will not delete it. (Administration -> Client -> Customer -> Medias Settings -> PIM URI)


          It also belongs to the different use cases, for example some are using Versions some are using the MAM side also to store image which are not related to an Article in PIM.


          At the moment it is only possible by SQL so there are tow tables, one in PIM one in MAM, which can be cross checked.


          Maybe you can write a Custom Store Procedure which check that tables and writes back a value into a propertie field.


          Another option can be to set a properties field in MAM when ever a JMS is send to PIM to get linked to check.


          Best Regards



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            Rajdeo Verma New Member

            The below SQL returns all Media Manager (MM) images that are not assigned in Product Information Management (PIM). Thought it could be helpful for you, not sure on how you could utilize it on your dashboard.


            Select * from opasdb.dbo.F_IMGKOMP where PKOM_PNR not in (select Identifier from HPM_MAIN.dbo.MediaAssetDocument)

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              Daniel Walter Guru

              Hi Timothy,


              have you looked at the media asset file search in the Desktop already?

              There you have the possibility to search for "unused" media files.


              Have a look at the screenshot:



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                Kaemingk Support Active Member

                Hi Daniel,

                Thanks for the update, but that's not what I'm looking for.

                The web users should be able to get this overview.