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    Delete API testing from SOAP UI

    Sunil Kumar Singh Seasoned Veteran

      Hi All,


      I am trying to use the delete API from SOAP UI.

      I am successfully able to delete a record from BO through rowid. But this deletes the BO record and hence all contributing xref gets soft deleted.

      But I want to delete only one specific xref by providing pkey_src_object from xref. When I try to delete only one xref record, It Says



      SIP-40408: Cannot find the cross-reference for the parameter [ERROR: could not find bo for HUB_STATE changes! Parameters are:

      [Base Object Name = C_IDENTIFIER]

      [Record Key = RecordKey [rowid=, systemName=ABCD, sourceKey=ABCD|001050000|112AAC|ZZZZ,

      periodStartDate=null, periodEndDate=null, gbids=[com.siperian.sif.message.GBID@5e072ed3], rowidXref=]]

      [interactionIdStr=1060001032000]]. Incorrect parameter specified. Specify the correct parameter.



      Any suggestions please.