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    Next User Group Meeting

    Randy Murphy Active Member

      --Copying from Mark's post from last fall. Time got away from us, but we ready to start planning the next event.



      We are looking at having our next User Group Chapter meeting in about a month. I'm seeking some feedback on possible locations.  We have a few things to think about:

      1. We have users coming from all over the region, so we likely need something pretty central.
      2. Reasonably priced...a lot of the downtown locations have a room rental fee, plus a minimum spend. We have some generous vendors, but that adds up quickly.
      3. 30-40 people would be our hope, so need to handle that size group.
      4. Food available would be preferred. There are a few locations that seem to be drinks only. I think we would all want appetizers at least.


      If you have suggestions on a good location please let me know. Ideas on topics to cover or anything else would be welcome as well.