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    Compiling Powercenter Custom Functions

    Muzaffar Mohammed New Member

      I'm new to Informatica Development Platform (IDP). As per documentation on Custom Functions, a module must be built on Windows, because the PowerCenter Client resides on Windows, additionally, module requires to be built on UNIX or Linux, depending on the node that hosts the Integration Service.


      Seeking clarification on whether IDP need to be installed on each platform for building/compiling module on it?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          As far as I recall (it's been quite a while since my last touch with the IDP) you need to install the IDP on each server platform for which you want to compile a Custom Function.

          In addition you might need to install it on the Windows machine on which you compile the DLL for the Designer and Repository Manager because you need a 32-bit DLL here.

          HOWEVER: I've never done this myself, so please open a service request at Informatica Global Customer Support to get a definitive answer.

          And, please, be so kind to post it here; it MAY be that I'll have to work on one or the other Custom Function in the near future, so I would need this knowledge myself.


          Thanks and good luck,