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    Is it possible to create two different LookupValue structures?

    Rocco Parisi New Member

      Hi All,

      we need to create two different Entity lookupValue structures on the Repository (example: LookupValue and LookupValueCustom).

      The goal is to have some Lookup fields connected to the standard LookupValue and others connected to a customized version.


      In the Custom section we have:

      - created an entity LookupValueCustom (entity id 8300) similar to the LookupValue (entity id 7300)

      - created a new Enum.lookupCustom

      - created a new Article.FieldCustom field. Field configured in this way:

           - Enumeration:  Enum.lookupCustom

           - Proxy Transition Entity: LookupValueCustom [Lookup Value Custom]

           - Field Type: Type Custom

      In the Types section:

      - we have modified the custom field from string to lookup


      Is it possible to use two different Entity LookupValue on the PIM?



      Thank you,