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    MDM 10.3 HF1 Installation Error (JNLP Problem)

    Ervin Chang New Member

      I tried to install MDM 10.3 HF1 , at first I'm using JBoss EAP 6.4 and MSSQL server 2012,

      there's no error when setting up Jboss, MDM store, and Hub.

      but when I tried to access the hub localhost:8080/cmx, there's a pop up appear that needed to be input user and password and got the error HTTP 401 the jnlp file can't be downloaded,

      i tried to run postinstallationsetup without error, but still facing the issue,

      and i check the tables C_REPOS_USER  the admin user the password masking is different from usual.

      i thought the problem is from the JBoss, and i change it using weblogic  but still got this issue.


      Before this, i have successfully done the installation for MDM 10.1 and not have faced the login pop up problem.


      Your help would be very much appreciated.