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    One mapping - multiple parameter files

    Aparna Polavarapu Active Member

      Hi All,

      We use Informatica cloud, we have a scenario where we get multiple parameter files for a single MCT/mapping.


      Mapping : Its source is a SQL query which contains columns like Tag Names, Value, Index, time.


      Parameter File : Could be 100 of files or 10 files, count is not fixed. Each parameter file contains data like below.


      $$Start_Date=2018-10-24 06:39:00.000

      $$End_Date=2018-10-24 13:00:00.000


      So, in mapping source - I have a query like below:

      Select Tag, Value, Index, time

         from <table_name>

      where tag=$$Tag

          and time between $$Start_Date and $$End_Date


      Each parameter file will have different set of values based on which the query should get the data and process and club the output files into one for same tag names. This mapping will run at the end of the day when all the parameter files are received.


      How can we handle multiple param files like this for a single mapping in IC.Thank you.