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    The infacmd getSessionLog command does not work when a PowerCenter session is in a worklet when coupled with workflow Run ID parameter

    Karthick Kallipatti Shanmugam New Member

      HI Team,


      Getsession log for an worklet works fine if we ignore the worklow run id or instance name parameter.


      infacmd.sh getSessionLog -dn name_of_domain -is integration_service_name-rs repository_name -ruuser_name -rppassword -fn folder_name -wf workflow_name -ss "worklet_name/session_name"


      The command above is fine for the last execution of the workflow/worklets, but what if you want to retrieve the logs for a specific workflow run ID? If it's for a simple workflow-session then "-id [WRID]" allows any previous run's logs to be accessed


      But when I add this parameter(" -id ")  for a workflow with worklets, I get the error:

      [ICMD_10033] Command [getSessionLog] failed with error [[CORE_0003] An internal exception occurred with message: [LGS_10052] The Log  Service has no record of the requested session or workflow run.\n].


      Please help