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    Error while trying to Export mapping to XLS file (Export Metadata)

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      Trying to use tne Export Metadata tool on one of my mappings ends with 3 error messages that I can't understand. Can anyone explain them?


      ERROR   MBE_EXCL_E0066           For cell property DataPkg:Package Name, value 'Sources ORACLE 8.x' conflicts with previously written value 'Sources ODBC 3.0', on sheet 'Main', column 2, in rows 8-8 indicating an error in the metamap, or outputting a model with multiple DataPkg to a metamap which supports only one.

      FATAL   MIMB_F0063           [MBC_EXCL_F0002] Failed to execute OLE Excel operation. Error code: 0. Message:

      ERROR   MIMB_E0062           The tool failed with error code ERROR_EXPORT


      I can't find any single mappnig that I'd be able to export. What are the limitatios for the tool?