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    Unable Edit Source Field Types in Mapping Task

    Himanshu P Active Member

      Multiple files are to be loaded into their respective tables . Both files & tables have same schema/format, only file/table names are diff. Each field inside has same name,ordinal position & data types. Used IICS & secure agent running on Windows.

      a) File A_Nov262018 --> Table A           ( tables & files have same 4 fields mapped. Tables have 2 extra cols Last Update" & "Updated by" )

      b) File B_Nov262018 --> Table B             " "  "

      c) ..so on


      Q1) How can I re-use the mapping a) for each file-table : src-tgt pair?

      Q2) Can each file be loaded separately in parallel using a control table as they're not dependent on each other? If yes, few pointers pls.

      Q3) I created a mapping for a) & was planning to reuse it by creating a Mapping Task so that I don't have to create multiple mappings that do the exact same thing using the each src/tgt connpair.But I ran into few issues:


      i) In mapping, once I change the hard-coded connection, object etc for source /target to parameter, I lost the rules. I've no option to create rules in "Mapping task". Please advise.

      ii) Unlike Mapping, in "Mapping Task" there seems to be a bug(screenshot below). Even though I select the right formatting options, I can't change the data types selected by informatica. You see all 4 fields are coming as one "nstring 255" instead of each coming separately allowing me to edit the type, like it did when I created first mapping(not Mapping task) with hard-coded values(not params). however, in the faded screen behind, data preview is correct and next steps - mapping & running- happen seamlessly. But since the source datatype selection remains unchanged as string for all & I can't change- it fails eventually. Is it a bug in "Edit Types" of "Mapping Task"?


      Mapping Task--> Edit Types