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    Reg - Outage due to port failure

    Mani Ar Seasoned Veteran

      Hi, Yesterday we had an outage (Workflow Managers could not connect to Integration Services) and which was known to be by the invalid port number. This probelm never occurred to our ETL server before and all of a sudden it went off yesterday morning and many of our critical processing were affected due to this. We opened up a Sev1 Ticket with Informatica and they initially could not get any clue from the logs provided to them. The admin console showed the IS services are enables and running and not having any clue about why the WMs are not able to make a connection to IS.


      The Infromatica Support person did try few things and nothing helped. Finally decided to recyle the IS and the new port was assigned and the IS was up and running.


      The big question that we have is:


      What is the root cause of this issue and how often this can occur (we never had this before) and this puts us in the vulnerability of having frequent failues on the server which potentially affect our valuable customers?


      The port number that was failed was 7044 and the new port number was 7050 and not sure how and why this happened?

      We use ver 10.2.0


      Any input on this will highly be appreciated.



      Mani A

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          I would assume this is a firewall issue.

          Please note that the IP ports for the application services are taken from the range defined on the Advanced Port Configuration tab when setting up a domain. All of these ports must be free in the firewall to be established from any gateway node to all nodes. Otherwise such things can happen at any point in time.

          Please have your network people check whether the firewall was the root cause of issue.