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    Use of priority field for media assets

    Kaemingk Support Seasoned Veteran

      Hi all,


      I'm wondering; how does everyone use the priority qualifier for media assets in PIM?

      Once you enable it in the repository, you can add multiple assets with the same type, which is great because you no longer have to create a list of multiple media asset types with a counter like:

      - Document 1

      - Document 2

      - Document 3

      - ...


      But now, the challenge exists in the fact that we need to import multiple assets for 1 item. How do you define the priority of those assets? Already in the import file? Or with some auto-increment import function?

      And what about the FlexUI for multimedia assets. You can drag and drop multiple items onto one media asset, but there is no way to know which priority is already in use for those items.


      So basically, what I'm asking is: how do you guys make sure assets aren't overwritten during imports or manual actions in the PIM software?


      Thanks in advance,