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    Axon Data Governance only available on Linux

    Rodney Hamann New Member

      I am an Informatica partner. We are exploring Axon Data Governance in house so that we can leverage the tool with our clients. We are curious to know\understand how you are handling clients that are strictly a Windows shop given that Axon only works on Red Hat Linux. Is there a strategy that Informatica has for this scenario?

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          Mohamed Dokmak New Member

          Hi Rodney,


          I believe the newer versions now supports SuSe, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise linux & Amazon Linux not just RHEL. From my experience with Informatica Axon, this is the first time to hear about windows biased customers/clients as all customers look for stability and cost reduction.


          I would recommend if you maybe suggest to your customer if they can employ windows and install VM software like Oracle virtual box and on-top of it CentOS as a free linux distro.


          Hope this suggestion helps.


          Best regards,

          Mohamed Dokmak.