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    Data being truncated

    Hugo ROCHE Active Member



      Some data is being truncated (warning FR_3015) in my reader. But I've checked and I'm sure of the datatypes I've specified (string 14). I've checked the whole mapping for precision issues but I can't find any.

      To test something, I've added a new target file directly after my Source qualifier, to see data before it's being processed. The datatypes and precision match and I still get truncated data in the generated file...


      Is there an option or a parameter to check to prevent this from happening ?

      Could a datatype mismatch somewhere else in the mapping cause the very first target (loaded right after the reader, at the very beginning of the process) to fail ?


      Thanks in advance for your help !




      EDIT: I've checked in Administrator the data movement is set to Unicode (I've seen this could cause the issue) but other mappings I work on with the same logic don't get truncated data.