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    Custom validation rule not available in MDM 10.2.2

    Bogdan Jianu New Member



      I am trying to apply a custom validation rule but in MDM 10.2.2 this feature is not supported (for DB2 at least).

      In the Validation Rule section, there are only 5 rule types visible in the drop down i.e. Existence check, Domain Check, Referential Integrity, Pattern Validation and Range Check (for numeric and date fields).


      From what I read on knowledge base, I understood that this was a known limitation for 10.1 version and that a Feature Request (MDM-4524) has been submitted to include this feature in a future release... It seems that in 10.2.2 is still missing.


      Can someone recommend me  a workaround or a hint to bypass this limitation and to create more complex rules?(comparing dates with actual timestamp, check a specific format, multiple conditions, etc)


      Thank you!