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    How to copy/paste objects from DEV folder to PROD folder?

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      How are you copying and pasting objects from a development folder to a production folder?  For example, a session was modified and tested in a development folder and the session needs to be copied to production.  The copy of the object is successful, however the paste to the production folder is unsuccessful.  Attempting a Repository save afterward produces a Workflow Manager message stating "No changes detected in the currently active folder" which is the target PROD folder.  Both folders are in the same repository.  Appreciate your assistance.

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          Hi James,

          The best practice to Copy>Paste from one environment(DEV) to another environment(PROD) is to export the object(mapping/workflow) from DEV & save it as XML. Then  login to PROD & import that XML file.


          As per my knowledge, you cannot copy>Paste objects across repositories. You can only Copy>Paste objects within the same repository. If you want to port objects across repositories, you need to Export & then Import them.




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            Nico Heinze Guru

            Not entirely correct. In fact it is possible to copy / paste objects from one repository to another repository, that should not impose any problems.

            The fact that it does not work in this case makes me suspect that the session is not a reusable session. The only other potential reasons for this effect I can think of are:

            - the PROD repository has version control switched on and the user ID doesn't have permission to manage runtime objects.

            - The session in question is part of a workflow / worklet and not a reusable session. In this case you have to copy either the workflow or the worklet, as far as I recall you cannot copy the session alone.