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    Help in webservice Consumer transformation

    mayur marathe Seasoned Veteran

      Hi All,


      I need one help regarding Web service consumer transformation

      my requirement is as below

      I have to consume two web service(SOAP) the first one will give the token as output and that token i need to pass as input to another web service consumer transformation to get the actual data


      Now the issue is token which we get from first web service transformation  expires within 5 min and we pass the token to second web service consumer transformation to get the data while it getting the data if the token expires then that will fail and workflow too


      so we need 2nd web service consumer transformation to first check if the token is valid then get the data if not then again get back to first web service consumer transformation generate new one and pass it to 2nd one and get the data , is possible with transformation or by any other way


      I have tried to create two separate workflow but the issue remain same , can anyone know another way to do the same