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    How to handle multiple occurances of elements in Web Service response in Informatica Cloud Application Integration

    Akshay Pillai Active Member


      Hi All,


      I am stuck in an issue where I am passing a city name to a web service which returns weather forecast for that city for next 10 days. The response is coming in this format:










      My requirement is to be able to insert the temperature for each day as a row in my database table(also in a flat file)


      When I configure my service connector to use the output as reference to a process object and Get From as 'property - temp' I am only getting the first row: i.e. 01012018,10

      If I write an Xquery in the expression: {list:list(//*:list//*:main/*:temp_min/text())}  this gives me the output concatenated to each other and the values inserted in 1 single row like: 0101201802012018 & 1011


      I've received the output of my webservice in both objects/object lists but nothing worked.


      I've been on this for a long time now and can't move any further hence any help would be much appreciated.




      Akshay Pillai