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    ODBC support of database Failovers

    Alex Hauthaler New Member

      Hi all of you-,


      Im using 961HF4 on Suse Linux.

      odbc.ini defines a connection to a MS-Sql Server running in a Windows-cluster environment.


      Now there is a Webservice session running. It connects to the database using an entry in ODBC.ini.

      The SQL failed over to the other Node in the cluster.

      the Webservice failed afterwards with error :

      Database driver error...

      CMN_1022 [

      FnName: ExecuteSP -- [Informatica][ODBC 20101 driver]7503]


      The session did not kill, but also did not work, until it was manually restarted.

      the "stop on errors" setting was set to 0 (zero) in the session settings, it did not stop.

      I'm not sure if this happens at every failover, but can't check that in an productive environment.

      The database had no problems after failing over, it was actually connected by other applications.


      is there an odbc option to support failovers or reconnects?

      what is the expected behaviour of this?

      why is it not working?