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    Export and Import IICS code using REST

    Vishal Singh Active Member

      Hi Team,


      I am looking to establish a process for Exporting the IICS code and importing it using REST. I have POSTMAN client installed, and I am able to login to the Informatica cloud(status - 200 OK) as shown in figure. I have taken the session ID, and used it in another window to get the objects in a folder exported. I have tried reading the content in the doc and KB, but it was of no help as I am not sure what should the body contain.




      Below are the steps I have taken, but got struck at exporting a Project Folder Completely.


      1. Login


      2. using the session id to start exporting the project folder "Calculator" under the

      path: All Projects/Tutorial/Calculator



      3. I have added the respective Headers but not sure on what is the content to be used in the body.


      4. Body content required to get the object details and perform all the steps. Below is the figure with content but I am not sure what it should have and would need your guidance.



      Anticipating your Teams help here in establishing a REST approach for export and import process for cloud application Integration folder.