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    Same attribute (name and identifier) cannot be associated to more than 1 structure system

    inuser449746 New Member

      Hi All,

      At the moment a feature with same name in key language and same identifier in more than one structure system cannot be associated to a product/variant/item more than once! (eg: to maintain different preset values per different structure systems and different attribute value per structure system/structure group association).

      Example: "Sale Line" attribute cannot be related both to ‘Structure System A’ and ‘Structure System B’
      Please note that an item from Channel A might be part of Channel B catalogue as well.

      Today, when the item is created and associated to ‘Structure System A’ has a Sale Line value; when the very same item needs to be associated to ‘Structure System B’, attribute value can be updated, but :
      - It will be updated in Structure System A structure group
      - It will not be associated to Structure System B

      This means an important issue on product information consistency. Anyone has faced this issue and thought
      about a solution?




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          Daniel Walter Guru

          Hi Mirko,


          Because of consistency, an attribute can only have one preset value list otherwise it will be changed back and forth and there is no way to validate the correctness of the values.

          The relevant list is defined by the connection to the feature which is inside a structure of type "Maintenance" (either primary or secondary maintenance structure), so there can only be one maintenance-connection per attribute.


          Typically there is one central maintenance structure where the attributes get maintained and the output structures only get connected to those but do not specify differing values.


          In your case, can't you just have 2 attributes "Sale Line Channel A" and "Sale Line Channel B" if they have conflicting value lists?

          One other approach would be to investigate into the "different default value", (which is a structure-specific overwrite value for output structures) but this is available in the Desktop UI only.