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    Same attribute (name and identifier) cannot be associated to more than 1 structure system

    inuser449746 New Member

      Hi All,

      At the moment a feature with same name in key language and same identifier in more than one structure system cannot be associated to a product/variant/item more than once! (eg: to maintain different preset values per different structure systems and different attribute value per structure system/structure group association).

      Example: "Sale Line" attribute cannot be related both to ‘Structure System A’ and ‘Structure System B’
      Please note that an item from Channel A might be part of Channel B catalogue as well.

      Today, when the item is created and associated to ‘Structure System A’ has a Sale Line value; when the very same item needs to be associated to ‘Structure System B’, attribute value can be updated, but :
      - It will be updated in Structure System A structure group
      - It will not be associated to Structure System B

      This means an important issue on product information consistency. Anyone has faced this issue and thought
      about a solution?