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    Why we need UNIX commands in informatica?

    siva kumar Active Member

      1.when we use UNIX commands in informatica? (explain the situations example)


      2.If we use unix commands before process flatfile ? How many Operation,  what are the validation we done using unix flatfile? What are the issuse we find out ? tell about realtime job relate?


      3.how to compress two flatfile in informatica?


      4.What are the main unix commands in informatica job?


      5.frequently using informatica vast area unix commands ?



      ------------thank you----------------------

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Most of your interview questions are too unspecific to give really good answers here, so here are only a few short thoughts.


          Q1: basically everything that can't be done easily in PowerCenter regarding file handling. For example, creating a file list. Or renaming / moving some files before / after processing.


          Q2: too unspecific. I don't really know what you want to know here.


          Q3: In Informatica? Not at all. Compressing files is a job for command-line tools.


          Q4: depends on the task to be done. Pretty common ones are ls, rm, cp, tar, mv.


          Q5: see Q4.




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            EC140656 Seasoned Veteran

            Hi Siva,

            I suggest you go through Youtube videos by TekClasses. The link to the same is provided below :


            TEK CLASSES - YouTube


            Go through the different videos available in this channel on Informatica. It has answers to most of your questions.