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    Create easily repeatable PIM environment with metadata/basic data.

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      Hi All,


      In our organization we are facing some issues with PIM environment creation.

      I am describing the situation below. If you have any ideas please let me know.



      Test environment is very different than Production environment, in terms of article data, along with metadata (structures, preset values, assortments etc.). Hence test passes in Test environment can not guarantee stable Production.



      We want to create a easily repeatable DEV and Test environment from Production. Test can be created with the backup from Prod (Around 300 GB). But we want smaller DEV environment to work with, because of space issue. We have installed empty databases in PIM and built the server. But to work with PIM we need the basic metadata from Prod like structures, preset values, assortments etc. Already the Imports, exports are extracted and stored in repository to work with.



      How can I create a easily repeatable environment with basic metadata and very smaller set of article data?


      PIM Version:


      Thanks a lot in advance.