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    Problem with processing address in Netherland, and identification of organizational unit and name building zone

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      After reading the UPU information on address normalization in the NETHERLANDS (http://www.upu.int/fileadmin/documentsFiles/activities/addressingUnit/nldEn.pdf) , I wanted to test the ADRESS DOCTOR service on one of the demo addresses:


      Mevr. B. de Jong-Bosch

      Humanoid Enterprise b.v.

      Afdeling 4B

      Gebouw Westpoint Kamer 8 II

      2e Hugo de Grootstraat 81-83

      1052 MA AMSTERDAM




      Unfortunately the return of the web service seems to me quite perfectible:

      • I get the building’s name information is put in street name field,
      • organization’s unit is (tryed) be used as street information
      • original street information is finnaly get into residue.
      • Processed adress is in a statut I2


      If we try a change on the input address, we can improve the processed address and the status:

      First we enter the street information, then the organizational unit and finally the name of the building; in this case the street is well identified.

      It seems that the information that follows the street is put into SubBuilding field and ordered before street information, while last information is put in residue.

      If we enter street information, then name of bulding, finally organization unit, street is well recognized, we get name bulding in good field, and organization field in residue.

      In any case, this does not correspond at all to the UPU recommendation.


      Can you give me a feedback about this case ?


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