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    Load to BO

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      Hi Team,


      Appreciate a lot if you could assist me here -

      How load happens from staging table to BO? If there is a additional column in BO to be populated, how can it be done? Because, there is no mapping available from Stage to BO. Is it expected that staging table and BO should have all user defined column names must match? Or there could be additoinal/less column s in BO than staging?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Bipin RajalingamS Guru

          The Staging table can have the equal \ lesser number of user defined columns in BO. The user defined columns from the stating table are picked from the BO, so the names will automatically match. Since the columns are picked from BO, you can skip few columns from picking thus making the Staging Table having lesser number of columns.

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            Bipin RajalingamS Guru

            Regarding loading from Stage to BO. The load happens from Stage to XREF and XREF gets reflected in BO.

            The XREF and Stage table has two things in common.
            1) They both have PKEY source key.
            2) The XREF has rowid_source and each stage table is associated to Source System. 

            If the Pkey and Source are already present in any of the XREF, then it is considered as an update and the XREF gets updated, else a new XREF is created. (For Timeline enabled objects, the technical behavior is very different, but functionally the same.)

            The XREF and BO had rowid_object as c common feild, when the XREF gets an update the BO with the same rowid_object might be updated based on the trust scores.

            Then two XREF\BO records are merged, the merge is indicated by the all the XREFs having the same rowid_object values of the BO.

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              inuser483593 k Seasoned Veteran

              What if I have additional column in BI which is not included in staging table? How can I populate value to such a column in BO?



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                Bipin RajalingamS Guru

                Populating through Stage Table is only one of the method my which the data is populated. There are other methods like Informtica provided UI "Informatica Data Director(IDD)" or E360. Or the data can be populated through API calls using SIF. 
                Data Manger from HUB can also be used to populate data.