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    SAP R3 connection Pre-Requisites

    Ken Guyette Seasoned Veteran

      I am working on trying to create an SAP R3 resource and had several questions on the pre-requisites listed in the SAP R/3 properties section of the Catalog Administrator guide. I did not list all the pre-reqs but just the ones where I had questions.



      1. Create an Event Details Record (EDR) connection for SAP R/3 using Informatica Administrator. See the Informatica Administrator Guide for more information about creating connections.

           QUESTION - Is this just setting up a connection in the Informatica Administrator?  I did not see anything specific in the afministrator guide as to what an Event Details Record connection would be.


      3.Remove all the resource binary files in HDFS from the /Informatica/LDM/<service cluster name>/scanner/* directory. You can use the command hdfs dfs -rm -R /Informatica/LDM/<service cluster name>/scanner/* to remove all the resource binary files.

           QUESTION - When I installed the tool via the Azure Marketplace I installed the sample data.  It appears that there are 50+ zip files in this directory and I assume these are the binaries for the sample data that was loaded.  Why would these all be removed as I do not see anywhere in the instructions where these would be re-added?


      8. Include the libsapjco3.so file in the SAPJCO.zip file and copy the SAPJCO.zip file to the following location: <Install_directory>/services/CatalogService/ScannerBinaries

           QUESTION - Is this indicating that we just need to create a zip file with the lone file libsapjco3.so and move it to this location?


      9. Download the sapjco3.dll file and copy the file to the <Install_directory>/source/services/shared/bin directory.

           QUESTION - Based on our install I am not seeing this path in the installation directory as "source" seems to be missing.  Did something get missed in the install (used Azure template) or is this a mistype in the directions as  <Install_directory>/services/shared/bin does exist?

      install directory