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    Delete List Event using SharePoint Connector

    Thomas Righele Active Member

      Hello all-


      I am having an issue when deleting data using our SharePoint connector.


      To give the full background, we are pulling information from a SQL table and using it to populate the SharePoint calendar. This part I have gotten to work okay. I am able to upsert the information using the connector.


      However, the problem we have is keeping these tables in sync. If the SQL table has a row removed, we need it removed from the SharePoint calendar.


      I created a new mapping that compares the two sources (SQL and SharePoint calendar) and outputs which IDs are different. I then try to send this information through the connector to delete the IDs in SharePoint. As a test, I first sent this information to a flat file and it looks fine to me:








      However when I run the delete operation through the connector, it comes back with 0 rows processed and successful. The calendar events still exist in SharePoint.


      Anyone have any ideas as to what this might be?


      Some troubleshooting I've done so far:

      -Ensured all field types are the same from source and target

      -Ensured that Ids do exist in SharePoint


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!