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    PowerCenter 10.2 client on high resolution screens

    Leo Gore Active Member

      I installed PowerCenter 10.2 client on my laptop with 2560x1440 screen and all toolbar buttons appear very small. I believe there was a fix for this for previous version PowerCenter clients as my 9.6.1 client as all toolbar displays correctly. Anyone knows what change I need to make so they display properly?

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          Rajan Rath Guru



          Can you try the following:

          Close all the Informatica clients. Go to start tab / button on windows machine

          -> Select client tool which we would like to open -> right click -> more -> open file location

          -> Select the client in location -> right click -> properties -> compatibility -> it will show option like "Change high DPI setting" save the setting if it will ask for save.

          -> Repeast this step for all clients.


          Restart the client machine and open the Informatica clients.