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    Connect to PostgreSQL database

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      I am trying to connect to a PostgreSQL database in Informatica PowerCenter, but there seems to be no option available. I read that I can use ODBC instead but there is only an option "ODBC for Oracle", "ODBC for SQL Server" and some Cassandra and MongoDB. Which one do I use?


      These are the drivers I have available:


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          The DataDirect ODBC drivers for PostgreSQL are not displayed in the ODBC driver manager on Windows even though the drivers are installed and available under ODBC folder (<InstallationDir>\ODBCx.x\lib)




          To get the drivers in the ODBC driver manager, do the following:



          Conduct a full registry backup before any operation on Windows Registry.

          1. Edit the registry.
          2. Add a New Registry Key as DataDirect 7.1 Postgre Wire Protocol under [], as shown in the following image:
          3. And update the driver to have <Installation install dir>\clients\tools\ODBC7.1\dwpsql27.dll



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            Syed Aziz Guru

            Hello Axel,


            Starting PowerCenter 10.4.0, PowerExchange for PostgreSQL connector is available to connect to PostgreSQL.


            All flavors of PostgreSQL are supported with 'PowerExchange for PostgreSQL' connector in PowerCenter 10.4:

            • Standalone Onprem

            • DBaaS - RDS

            • Aurora PostgreSQL


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              Can you please confirm the exact Informatica version you are using?

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