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    assigning column values based on their field name

    mayur marathe Seasoned Veteran


      I need one help in java transformation java code , i am fetching the data from url like below



      i have written the code by assuming that the data from rest api will come as same sequence provided in url ( ORG_ID,LEGAL_NAME,HASHCODE )but while we are receiving the data ( LEGAL_NAME,ORG_ID,HASHCODE )


      so now what i have to do is assign the values to output port based on the columns coming , till now i am skipping the first line i.e header now i have done code like


      if( linenumber ==1)     ---first line is header


        string[] header =inputline.split("//|");

        for (i=0,i<=header.length;i++)



         {ORG_ID_POS = 1}  -- ORG_ID_POS is variable created





      else if( linenumber >1)    -- from line 2 pipe seperated data will start


      string[] data =inputline.split("//|");

      here i need to compare if the column is coming as ORG_ID  then assign it to   output port of ORG_ID and so on


      need help in assigning the values in else if block dynamically according to first block output