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    PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift

    Pranav Nandanwankar Active Member

      Do we need separate license for installing  PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift?

      Does it come with Informatica Power Center 10.1 Hot fix 2 installtion?


      What are the steps if I want to use PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift in my Informatica workflow?


      Please help me in this regard.

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          Rajesh Thiagarajan Seasoned Veteran

          Hi Pranav,


          I believe you are referring to Informatica Powercenter 10.1.1HF2.


          Yes, PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift is a licensed connector and a valid license has to be obtained in your corresponding license object to make the sessions work.


          Steps to Check the License.


          Admin Console -> Services & Nodes -> License Object -> Options -> Connections screenshot to check the PWX for Amazon Redshift license option and the expiry date.


          PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift is installed with Informatica PowerCenter. There is some simple configuration that needs to be done (mentioned in Chapter-2 in the mentioned user guide ) after you enable PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift with a license key in your current license object.


          PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift 10.1.1HF1 User Guide for Powercenter - ( Steps and Configuration is same for 10.1.1HF2 as well)




          I would suggest you to work with your Informatica Sales Representative for the queries regarding the license and cost of the PowerExchange of Amazon Redshift connector.


          Hope this helps. Thanks.