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    Data Profiling Approach: How to get summarize profiling result using Logical Data Object(LDO)?

    Jaydeep Patel New Member

      Below is my approach to doing data profiling using LDO.


      Can you guide/suggest/validate my approach?

      How to use LDO for the same?

      Is it feasible to do?


      Please give your own approach for the same.


      The goal is to create summarize tables/flat files for multiple tables using LDO which can be used as a single source in other reporting tools.



      -> In IDQ tool, designed an LDO(Logical Data Objects). LDO’s are virtual mappings that allow applying filters and can be used in multiple profiles where the LDO is the source object.

      -> Data quality rules are applied in LDO and same is used as source object in mapping.

      -> LDO is used in mapping and Flatfile will be generated. Data from the flat file will be read by the external table in SQL Server.

      -> Summary table created using an external table, which will help data governance team for the consolidated count of error records for a table in the reporting tool(Tableau).