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    Linux Integration service DB persistence and a MSSQL Repository?

    Karthik Ramaraj New Member


      I'm running 10.1.1 on RHEL7 (Linux 64bit) and my databases are MS SQL server.

      All connections work fine using ODBC entries (I successfully restored a repository backup) but when I try to start an integration service with database persistence enabled it fails (disabling DB persistence it works fine).

      It looks like the Integration Service won't connect to the Repository DB using the entry in the ODBC connector and is instead defaulting to a 'servername@dbname' string as if it were connecting to an Oracle instance.

      Looking around online the consensus is that I can't make a direct database connection to SQL, as the Integration service demands, as there are no SQL server drivers in Linux. Is this correct (that I can't make a direct connection)?

      Has anyone managed to use database persistence to a SQL server DB, for an Integration service running on Linux?

      Can I 'trick' the connection somehow?