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    Dynamic Expression with to_char() and dateformat

    Marvin Mondejar Seasoned Veteran

      Using IDQ Developer, I have a dynamic expression that says:


      iif(is_date(to_char(AllFields)),to_char(AllFields),'n') and it runs fine,


      but when i want to add formatting, its throws and error.


      iif(is_date(to_char(AllFields)),to_char(AllFields,'yyyy-mm-dd hh24miss'),'n')



      [LDTM_0042] The mapping cannot be validated because of the following errors: [The port [Dynamic1] in the transformation [exp_NaturalKeyText_ChecksumPrep0] contains an expression that is not valid. Error: <<PM Parse Error>> [AllFields)),to_char(AllFields,'yyyy-mm-dd hh24miss'),'n')]: invalid symbol reference


      The error is not even pointing to the formatting i added.


      Any ideas?