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    Informatica Engineer Job Opportunity

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      Good Morning,


      I hope everyone is doing well!


      I just wanted to drop a quick message by to let you all know that we have a long term Informatica Engineer job opportunity open that would sit in Dearborn, MI.


      This position is looking for:

      1. 3+ years of experience as a Informatica Engineer (Build & Design)

      2. Experience creating runbooks for Informatica

      3. Experience modifying scripts with any flavor


      Our client is seeking an Informatica Engineer. Informatica is a big data management tool that is utilized by the application development teams. Informatica allows teams such as Finance, HR, and IT to gather mass amounts of data. Once the data is gathered they are able to condense it, sort it, format and structure it. This can allow our client to make better decisions when it comes to financial spending, planning, and where they need to focus their time and attention to bring in more revenue. Currently they need to expand their Informatica services as there is an increase demand of teams who want their applications to utilize Informatica. They are currently on version 10.1.1 and will be moving to 10.2. They will be writing scripts for installations.


      If this is something you are interested in hearing more about feel free to email or call me!


      Janessa Fahr


      (248) 728-1327