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    Informatica install 9.6.1 in Azure upgrading to SQL Server

    Stephen St. Germain Active Member

      Good Morning Nico,

      My client is hinting around removing Oracle as the
      repository database and migrating to SQL Server.

      Seeing I haven’t started the 9.6.1 install on Azure yet,
      things move very slowly in the government environment, would this be the time
      to set up SQL Server in Azure and not Oracle?

      I am getting a backup copy from their current on premise
      9.6.1 Informatica which will include Oracle in the near future.

      If I set up SQL Server, I’m thinking all that would need to
      be done is to upgrade to SQL Server once the 9.6.1 install is completed through
      the admin console.


      One other question. Teradata is an Informatica partner. The
      license for 9.6.1 was extended for the segment of the government I’m working
      for. However there is a good chance that by the time they are properly upgraded
      to 9.6.1 the license will have expired again and I’m not sure that they will
      pay to extend it. I have to install 9.6.1 in Azure first and then upgrade to
      10.2 prior to September. Being a partner will I get support in the event that
      the install of 9.6.1 in Azure hits some bumps along the way? I know that the
      company currently doing the upgrade from 9.5.1 to 9.6.1 has hit some problems
      and I’m not sure that they will be all that eager to help once they are


      Thoughts or suggestions?


      Please let me know!


      Thank you.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Good morning Stephen,


          how did you come to the idea that I may be among the first persons to respond to your question? Strange...


          It is not at all advisable to work with database backups when it comes to migrating Informatica environments; you should always use the backup functionalities provided by Informatica, DB backups can cause all kinds of trouble.


          From this perspective you should indeed not even use Oracle in the new infrastructure but start with SQL Server right away (no matter whether on Azure or "locally" or whatever, as long as the intended SQL Server version is supported by the Informatica software and this infrastructure is supported by Informatica for repositories).

          Then you can restore the Informatica backups in the new infrastructure and perform the actual upgrade.


          Second yes, they do have a (as of now potential) problem. If they do not pay for extended support, then they have to HOPE that everything goes smoothly beyond the validity of their license.

          Now I have never been a GCS engineer and am not too familiar with the shipping and licensing processes, so I can only guess. As of my (limited!) understanding you will get support for the 9.6.1 installation only as long as the 9.6.1 license contract is valid, not a single day longer. And in fact it may even be that your customer can get an extended license for the migration but that there will be no extended support available for this extension time; I really can't tell for sure, they (not you) should contact the Informatica sales representative for this government organisation and try to find a way how to proceed.


          Please note that I do not think that they will succeed in this undertaking; I fear the sales representative cannot extend the license beyond the end of extended support, not even for a single day. So they will have to make sure at all costs that they have migrated everything before this date, otherwise they will lose metadata (possibly ALL metadata for their PowerCenter processes). Informatica does not care too much about internal government processes, they expect their customers to take care of such upgrades on time; after all Informatica informs their customers early enough about the time lines so that all customers can plan accordingly.


          Again, this is a matter of negotiation and good will. Good luck with that, I don't envy you for this situation.




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            Stephen St. Germain Active Member

            Good Afternoon Nico,

            I meant to follow up with another question.

            Oracle vs Microsoft SQL Server.

            I’m reading that you can’t migrate to Microsoft SQL Server within Informatica if you are not on a Windows machine.

            We are going to be using RedHat.

            Any chance you could confirm for me?

            Thank you!

            Have a great weekend!


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              Nico Heinze Guru

              That depends on the version. Until 9.6.x, you can NOT have PowerCenter repositories on SQL Server if PowerCenter doesn't run on a Windows machine. Since 10.0 this is no longer true.