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    Obtaining MRS and DIS Details

    Chase Scott-Pearson New Member

      Hi all,


      I've come here as a last attempt having looked everywhere that I can think of, so please accept my apologies in advance if this is a particularly obvious question.


      I need to connect Axon to IDQ, and to do so I need to obtain various MRS and DIS details (as below).


      MRS Details:

      Domain name • Node port • MRS domain host • MRS node name • MRS user name • MRS password • MRS service name


      DIS Details: 

      Node port • DIS domain host • DIS node name • DIS user name • DIS password • DIS service name


      Where could I source this information from?  Any ideas?


      Massive thank you in advance!!!

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          Jeremy Jensen Guru

          Just a quick heads up... you've posted your question in the Data Integration Hub forum.  You'll have better luck posting this in the Informatica Platform forum.


          Do you need this information dynamically?  Do you need some kind of query that will pull the information or do you just need the location of where to find these details?  For example, all of these details except the passwords can be found in the admin console.


          There's a few posts about getting (or not in this case) this kind of information from a command line:


          Is there a infacmd command to print the domain name?


          Try reposting this to the Informatica Platform forum and clarify how you want to retrieve this information.  You should get a better response.

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            Srinivas Pai Guru



            You would need to understand what environment of DQ you need your Axon services to interact to.

            You can get the details of the MRS and DIS configs from the admin console of the domain