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    How create Informatica mapping for rules driven by control table

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      I have typical requirement for client. Creating Informatica mapping were rules were driven by control table ?


      I am explaining requirement with below scenario.


      There is two table "Customer" and "Customer_Purchage_Hist".

      The customer table has columns  "custno", "Name" and "address" and

      Cust_purchage_Hist table has "High_purchage_amt", "member_since_months" and "avg_purchange_month" columns


      Customer                                                                       Cust_purchage_Hist

      custno     Name Addess        custno     High_Purchage_Amt     member_Since_Months   avg_purchage_month

      101         A       xxxx               101         10,000                           24                                         6000               

      102         B       yyyy               102          9,500                            40                                          8000    

      103         C       zzzz               103          15,000                          6                                            4000


      I want to develop a informatica mapping to define loyal customers to retail store. First rule to define loyal customer is

      Rule 1:  If High_purchase_amt is > 8,000 then  mark such customer as Loyal customer"


      But after fews days I want to add two more rules to define Loyal customers

      AND Rule 2 :  If member_sice_months > 24 

      AND Rule 3  : Avg_purchage_months > 7000  then  mark such customer as loyal customer.


      I need to add these additional rules without doing any changes to Informatica mapping and workflows.


      Basically , my questions is How to develop informatica mapping in Dynamic way or control table driven rules ?


      Dear experts, let me know your thoughts or ideas on how to implement this dynamically


      ** Mapping variable in expression transformation won't work here so don't think on this option