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    A TDM project needs masking rules to be part of it

    Noor Basha Shaik Guru

      Hi all,


      Any thoughts to exchange on the below situation - to overcome the manual work involved:


      Masking rules are global objects, sitting outside the project. Still, a TDM project needs the rules to be part of it. Say, a TDM project has 50 tables to be masked with 10 data domains and 10 corresponding masking rules. And now, say, I have 50 masking rules in total. I have to make only those 10 specific masking rules to be part of the project. To avoid the manual work of choosing only those 10 masking rules to be included in the project, if I choose all the 50 masking rules (simply a click on a check-box), I see this error message while generating workflows: ‘The masking rule XXXXX doesn’t have assignments…….’. Either, I have to manually exclude the other 40 not relevant masking rules for that particular project, or simply not include them in the project in the first step.