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    Athena JDBC driver setup issue

    Alexander Kolesnikov New Member

      Hi all,


      Can someone please advice how to setup Athena JDBC connection in informatica 10.1?


      I downloaded v2 driver from Using Athena with the JDBC Driver - Amazon Athena

      Put in in my jar directory set in classpath, bounced the server, but while trying to setup connection im getting creepy error like:


      The requested operation could not be performed due to the following error : Database connection URL and driver name does not match.


      I use class name and connection string from athena howto as below:


      driver class: com.simba.athena.jdbc.Driver

      connection string: jdbc:awsathena://athena.us-west-1.amazonaws.com:443;s3_staging_dir=s3://query-resultsbucket/folder/;query_results_encryption_option=SSE_S3


      If someone has a success story of setting it up, please share step by step if possible.


      Will much appreciate your help on this!