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    DB2 Purescale with Informatica v10.2

    Keith Wallace Active Member

      We are currently upgrading to Informatica v10.2 and when we are done,  our Domain Database platform (DB2) will be upgraded to v11.1.

      At that time our DBAs would like to also configure our Domain Database to use PureScale Configuration.



      PureScale is DB2's cluster-based, shared-disk architecture that reduces costs through efficient use of system resources and allows you to scale out your database on a set of servers in an active-active configuration delivering high levels of both availability and scalability as well as application transparency.  PureScale will also provide us with the capability of performing maintenance on your databases (including DB2 version upgrades) without requiring any down time.


      I am looking for any compatibility concerns between PowerCenter Domain v10.2 and this type of DB2 architecture.DB2 version will be upgraded to v11.1 (certified with v10.2), but I find no mention of PureScale configuration of DB2.

      Does anyone know if this is a certified configuration?  Anyone have any issues with PureScale configuration for DB2?

      Welcome all responses...





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          Mohamed Dokmak New Member

          Hi Keith,


          If you're using Informatica's native DB2 client drivers ODBC data-direct read/write,  there are no issues if DB2 is on a single node setup or on HADR or purescale setup as it is application isolated, however, regarding PowerExchange for DB2 UDB CDC, there are currently issues reading from DB2 logs using the readlog API provided by DB2 native clientv when your PWX environment is on a remote logging architecture (i.e. PWX logger/listener are on a different server).


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