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    SAP R/3 Connectivity with Informatica10.2

    Anirban Datta New Member

      Hi All,


      We are upgrading from 9.6 to 10.2. The upgrade has been done and we are able to connect to upgraded repository. But the problem is with SAP R3 connectivity. The 9.6 was connected using RFC. We had to download the dll files from SAP Marketplace and put them into client\bin(32bit) and server\bin(64bit) then execute the registry file to get the SAP options to be enabled in the client and establish the SAP connectivity with the server respectively.

      Is the process same for 10.2 as well and in that case, where is the latest SAP dll files in the market place. Do we have any documentation on this, from where we need to download the dll files.

      I saw this video from Informatica Support, SAP configuration and connection type - YouTube ,but the files are not located as mentioned in the video.

      Please can anyone help us in this regard? If you are already in 10.2 and connecting the SAP R3.

      The steps I remember are

      1) Configure saprfc.ini file and set the environment variable with the location of it.

      2) Update the services file present in \windows\system32\drivers\etc folder

      3) copy 32 bit dlls to \client\bin folder

      4) copy 64 bit dlls to \server\bin folder

      5) Execute the .reg file to register the dlls


      Please can anyone of you confirm, this is fine or I am missing something..


      Thanks a lot for your help.



      Anirban Datta