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    Can you install Proactive Monitoring on same app server as Power Center. (10.2)

    Bill McCoy New Member

      In previsous versions it was recommended to keep proactive monitoirng on a seperate server. Has that changed? I would like to install it on the same app server and avoid building out a seperate server just for proactive.



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          eric mwalye New Member

          Technically, yes, you may install Proactive Motoring for PowerCenter (PMPC) on the same server as PowerCenter.


          The recommendation not to do so was based on two ideas:

          1. PMPC contributes significantly to system resource usage statistics (cpu, memory, disk space etc). If these are monitored, then this has to be taken into consideration. (I.e, PMPC contributes a lot to the very thing it is measuring).


          2. PMPC is not a light-weight process. See install guide for recommended system resources (16 GB RAM, 4 cpu etc). A server with available system resources below the recommended leads to poor performance and even frequent crashes.


          The upshot is, if you have a server that can handle the load, and are cognizant of the fact that cpu, memory etc stats are skewed, then PMC is usable of a shared server. This is especially so in a non-production situation.


          3. Be careful not to overlap PMPC ports with those of another product on the same server. See KB  485049 for default PMPC ports.

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