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    Installing MDM 10.2 HF2 on new Linux servers [migrating from old ones]

    Mirza Khalid New Member

      Hi All,

      We are migrating from 9.7 to 10.2 hf2. we are going to install infa mdm scratch. I have following questions, if anybody can help me with.

      a) Here 9.7 mdm is on environment A. And we are creating totally new environment B. What are the steps need to be followed becoz I am totally new to this.

      b) In the environment A we are using power center and We are also installing upgrade version of power center to environment B.

      c) During installation what is the procedure  need to be followed.

      d) Do I need to copy any files from existing servers [which I may need during the new installation on new server]?

      Once if its done we are shutting down the 9.7.