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    Reading from Mixpanel as source

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      Hi, I am trying to setup ETL for mixpanel data in our informatica cloud.


      Attached is a screenshot of our current connection settings. But i am unable to get past the authentication (see attached error)


      Mixpanel API REST is specified here: https://mixpanel.com/help/reference/exporting-raw-data. We can see its working by calling the following via a local python script.

      request_url:: https://data.mixpanel.com/api/2.0/export/?from_date=2018-03-11&to_date=2018-03-24&format=json

      data:: None

      headers:: {'Authorization': 'Basic *************SECRET_TOKEN*****************='}


      Digging around, I read your documentation https://kb.informatica.com/proddocs/Product%20Documentation/6/IC_Spring2017_[REST-API]ConnectorGuide_en.pdf, as per its (Custom Authentication for REST API Overview, 27) can i get some help from you in fixing my connection?