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      Hi ,


      when I run after load idt job. under tool options CREATE PID OPTION  not available.

      next step clustering step and create pid is same  . when I run clustering job it will be success nothing happen after clustering job.

      next step run synchronizer jon its failed, logs will be shown below,


      Usage-Version v2.1.0.00
      Usage: updsync -rRulebaseName -hHostName -pSystemName
        [-eIDTNAME] [-i[IDTName[,IDXName]]]
        [-k] [-cMaxCycles] [-fFlatFile] [-mCommitRate]
        [-n] [-l] [-o] [-tTimeOut] [-vps]
        [-gRBSG] [-zTxn] [-dRBCheckTime] [--persist=search_name]
        [--notify=topic] [--notify_url=url]
        [--parallel=nnn,zzz] [--rbcheck]
        [--se=Hostname:Port] [--local_flul_cache=n]


         -hHostName:Port       Host name and port of the rulebase server
         -rRulebaseName        Name of the rulebase
         -pSystemName          Name of the system to be synchronized
         -eIDTName             (Optional)IDT to be processed
         -i[IDTName[,IDXName]] (Optional) Checks integrity of specified IDT/IDX Default checks integrity of all IDT/IDX when names are not specified.
         -d[RBCheckTime]   (Optional) In case of --rbcheck failure, process will retry for availability of rulebase server for RBCheckTime seconds. Use this option when  (-gRBSG) rulebase server group environment is present. When this option is specified  with --rbcheck, -t parameter will use the same timeout value.
         -k                    (Optional) Displays erronous records in detail. This is used in conjunction with (-i)
         -cMaxCycles           (Optional) Number of duty cycles to run before exit. Default is to run till shutdown
         -fFlatFile            (Optional) Name of the transaction file (with path) to be processed. This option is to be used for flat file synchronisation.
         -n                    (Optional) Treats the transaction file as a text file where records are separated by a newline. Without this option, the file is interpreted as a binary file
         -mCommitRate          (Optional) Commit Rate. Defaults to 100
         -l                    (Optional) Case sensitive match of the system name between that specified by (-p) and that in txn file/table).
         -oTime                (Optional) Collects optimiser statistics based on time specified in seconds
         -tTimeOut             (Optional) Specifies the number of seconds between duty cycles.  A value suffixed with 'ms' is treated as milliseconds. Defaults to 60 secs
         -vpsui                (Optional) enable verbose (p=progress, s=stats, u=usage, i=info).
         -gRBSG                (Optional) Name of the rulebase server group.
         -zTxn                 (Optional) Enables a specific transaction sequence number to be deleted during processing
         --persist=srch-name   (Optional) Enables creating clustering records for the specified multi-search. This option requires PID to be licensed
         --notify              (Optional) Enables generation of notification messages to be generated. This option requires PID to be licensed.
         --notify_url          (Optional) URL of the notification service.  This must be present when --notify is specified.
         --parallel=n,m        (Optional) Enables parallel processing of transactions. Number of inital threads and maximum number of threads need to be specified in order seprated by a comma
         --rbcheck             (Optional) Enables periodic check for rulebase server connectivity. The process shutsdown when rulebase server is not available
         --se=Hostname:Port    (Optional) Host name and port of the search Server. This is to be used in conjunction with --persist option
         --local_flul_cache=n       (Optional) Force system to use local Link/Unlink rule cache when n=1 and 0 to use search server cache. Default to 1
         --validate            (Optional) Enables optional validation of IDT when synchronizing data using flat file or NSA table.




      above bold line is PID OPTION  is not happen in after load lob.

      is their any special  license required or it will happen after load job.


      please suggest me this need helpful.