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    BDM real time processing

    arkrishn Active Member

      We have requirement to process flat files in real time. Flat Files will be uploaded from a web portal and the data has to be ingested into BigData in realtime.

      How to achieve this requirement using BDM tool?

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          rithvik Guru

          Hi Aravind,


          Informatica offers BigData Streaming (formerly known as Informatica Intelligent Streaming) to connect to real-time messaging Hadoop systems. Please refer the IIS 10.2 User Guide for more information. This carries a separate license option.


          Real-Time Stream Processing| Big Data Streaming | Informatica US


          Excerpt from the user guide :


          Intelligent Streaming provides pre-built connectors such as Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, HDFS, enterprise messaging systems, and data transformations to enable a code-free method of defining data integration logic. Intelligent Streaming builds on the best of open source technologies. It uses Spark Streaming for stream processing and supports other open-source stream processing platforms and frameworks, such as Kafka and Hadoop.




          Informatica BDM Support