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    Cloning Informatica PowerCenter Install - Is it feasible and/or recommended?

    Matt Lekawa New Member

      I wanted to know if it is technically feasible (and if so, then is it recommended) to "clone" an existing full installation of Informatica PowerCenter stack from one server to another.  By stack, I mean all binaries and configuration files associated with a standalone installation of Informatica PowerCenter 10.1 running on AIX 7.1/DB2 10.5.


      For example, let's say we begin by installing and configuring Informatica PowerCenter on a clean/new AIX server/VOE to serve the purpose of a Development environment.  The install and configuration is performed "from scratch" per installation/configuration instructions.  Once the install is operational and key features of PowerCenter are successfully tested, the idea is to lift/copy this binary/configuration stack and create/clone another stack, in this case Development-Test environment on another AIX server/VOE.  Assuming technical feasibility so far, configuration changes will clearly have to be made to the Development-Test stack to account for differences like IPs, server names, database names, system IDs, root install directories, comm ports, etc.


      Again, assuming technical feasibility so far, would one recommend this type of approach?  Will one save time/money with the above approach, or be better off by simply installing the second instance from scratch, just as the first instance was installed?  Will there be headaches and challenges associated with accounting for the above mentioned configuration differences and the work involved with making these changes?  Is there a possibility of losing Informatica support due to a "clone install" instead of true out of the box, from scratch install? 


      Feedback on the above questions as well as all other feedback regarding pro's and con's, or "simply don't go there" for the clone approach would be very much appreciated. 


      Thank you in advance,